Xprnc Media engages consumers while they are browsing, listening, discovering, socializing and purchasing their next entertainment experience at top media retailer locations across the US.


Reach these vital consumers through our digital network of the top media retailers in the US. Enthusiastic, loyal and prepared to spend, they continuously consume media and all its inter-related products including; smart devices, computers, games, sports, fashion, beverages, food, broadband, cellular, movies, concerts and anything associated with their consumption and experience of media. . Reach these vital consumers through our digital network of the top media retailers in the US.


A constant flow of a proven core consumer constituency engaged with immediacy and impact while their minds and wallets are already open. (*Based on transaction data across all locations)

54/46 FEMALE:MALE, AGE 26-55*

An ideal mix of male and female consumers in the prime of their spending life cycles, already motivated and ready to make purchasing decisions. (*NPD Group Music Consumer Profile 2013)


Selling directly at the source with an ample 15 to 30 minute dwell time to make a deep and lasting impression. (*Nielsen Entertainment Consumer Report 2013)


From California to New York, New Orleans to Minneapolis; a growing network of thriving music retailers; each a cultural and social destination.

What we do

Xprnc Media’s network locations are chosen because they are the top media retailers in their DMAs. These media retailers have flourished by purposely transforming their stores into vibrant entertainment culture centers and destinations where media fans interact in-person with other fans, artists and a knowledgeable staff of taste makers steeped in current media trends. Through the addition of related media products, artists’ signings and in-store performances, these media retailers are providing their local consumers the best interactive media experience. The total market size that Xprnc Media is targeting is over 800 media retailers. Starting with a pilot deployment of 11 locations, our network will grow to more than 50 locations in 2018 and over 200 locations in 2019

Display Unit

• Aspect Ratio: 16:9
• Dimensions: 1920 x 1080
• HD 1080p or 720p


Xprnc Media accepts the DPAA Landscape HD 16:9 Standard Ad Unit. It can support full motion video (i.e. TV ad creative), Flash animation and still imagery.


Digital formats accepted include MP4 video, uncompressed AVI video, and uncompressed QuickTime MOV video, still images and Adobe Flash.


MP4 Files
• Codec: Quicktime h.264
• Video: NTSC, 1920 x 1080, 29.97(fps), Progressive Square Pixels
• Bitrate Settings: VBR (variable bit rate) 2 Pass, Target 3.5 Mbps, Maximum of 20Mbps*
* Regardless of bitrate, all content is optimized by Zoom for playback on our network.


Still images digital formats accepted include
Best as high-resolution graphics (1920 x 1080 pixels, or larger if maintaining a constant aspect ratio).


• Send files over the Internet using FTP or send on CD or DVD.
• Lead time is 10 business days.


The Xprnc Media Network is a digital communication platform in the nation’s top media retailers. The network is used by Xprnc Media to run client advertisements nationally and by local operators to promote their products & services to patrons, while providing relevant and engaging information about weather, entertainment news and social media. Xprnc Media’s network is custom branded for each retailer and seen on large High Definition screens located in high traffic areas of each store.

> Main Ad Unit is 16:9 landscape ad and runs within frame or full screen

> Digital Signage ads in the Xprnc Media Network do not play audio content

Xprnc Media’s network locations are the best media retailers in their DMAs

Minneapolis, Minnesota ~ Omaha, Nebraska ~ Rochester, New York (2), ~West Babylon, New York ~Portland, Oregon ~Boise, Idaho ~Ventura, California ~Eugene, Oregon ~San Jose, California ~Denver, Colorado


mobile-connect-in-store_displayReaching mobile devices is a priority for retailers who want to better inform their consumers about in-store products, special offers and discounts, and for advertisers wishing to make a lasting impression. Xprnc Media directly engages consumers on their mobile devices by matching digital signage ads with ads displayed in a mobile web experience. Consumers are driven to our mobile experience through digital signage ads and physical signage placed throughout stores which includes a QR Code to scan and NFC tag to tap both leading to the stores unique mobile web experience.

HAND-PHONEBy clicking button ads, consumers can reach product details, special offers, discounts, streaming media or any web link advertisers desire. Through mobile, advertisers can directly engage with consumers, encourage them to participate online and most importantly stick to their consumer by landing in their mobile device to be viewed any time in the future. Xprnc Media’s mobile experience connects advertisers with their consumers building a lasting engagement.

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