The Deal

Xprnc Media empowers advertisers to extend and amplify their reach and engage with prime consumers.

Advertisers pay through digital advertising campaigns and product placements. They also sponsor video events & live-captured in-store artist performances which are simulcast to all media retailer partner locations.

Our retail partners receive hardware, technology, and management services.

For providing access to their customers, retailers also receive 20% of the advertising space for their own use and a 20% share of advertising, event, and sponsorship revenue.

xprnc media ad network

The Xprnc Media network runs digital advertising nationally. Ads and messages are broadcast to large HD screens located in high traffic areas of retail partner stores, then are amplified by direct delivery onto consumer mobile devices for in-store and future interaction. Systems are custom-branded for each retailer.


Benefit from a compelling new way to deliver their message at the ideal time and place to valuable consumers in the 18 yr.-54 yr. demographic; who have disposable income they spend on entertainment, media, tech, culture, and similar products.


Benefit in-store (and after) with useful product details, entertaining streaming media, special offers & discounts, convenient purchasing options – delivered to them the way they most love to engage - on their mobile devices.


Benefit from a revenue-boosting solution that creates engaged customers while the technology, sales, and ad campaigns are fully managed by Xprnc Media.


Our current clients include media distributors like The Orchard, Amped, Think Indie, and WEA (Warner, Elecktra Atlantic).

Advertisers also include local and regional merchants. And national brands like PONO, Neil Young’s company promoting its new high resolution portable player, and U-Turn Audio, which makes turntables for vinyl lovers.

Having reached the 50 store milestone, we have achieved enough scale to enable us work with major labels like SONY, WEA and Universal, and to approach life style brands like Samsung, Under Armor, Red Bull, H&R Block, Budweiser, Nike, Travelocity, and Starbucks. Our goal is to be in 150 stores by end of 2019.

the growing role of mobile in DOOH

Rise of Mobile as an Advertising Medium is Benefitting DOOH Media

Planners are more likely to recommend DOOH media in the future if they:

  • Combine mobile with DOOH to enhance creative execution
  • Use mobile devices for retargeting the DOOH ads
  • Measure DOOH audiences though tracking mobile device IDs
  • Enable interaction

Reason For Combining Mobile with DOOH

Likelihood to Recommend DOOH if Using Mobile

Source: Digital Place-Based Advertising Association

xprnc media platform integration

digital aerial signage

High definition 55-inch screens are placed in clearly visible, high traffic areas of each network location.

Ads run for 15 to 30 seconds.
Up to 240 ad spots available every hour.

mobile connect

Consumers are driven to our mobile experience through digital aerial signage ads and physical signage placed throughout stores that include a QR Code to scan and an NFC tag to tap.

consumer engagement
via mobile

Reaching mobile devices is a priority for advertisers wishing to create a lasting impression.

Xprnc Media directly engages consumers on their mobile devices by matching aerial signage ads with buttons displayed in a mobile web experience.

Advertisers directly engage with consumers, and most importantly stick to their consumer by landing in their mobile device to be viewed any time in the future.

By clicking mobile button ads, consumers can browse product details, special offers, streaming media or any web link advertisers desire.

media station

Our browser-based mobile media station allows advertisers to provide consumers with contextual experiences including streaming audio/video, coupons, special offers, contests and social sharing,

Media consumers are the perfect target market to engage at retail via mobile devices.


Studios market new releases via exclusive screening events simulcast in their entirety to all network locations on Friday evenings.

Events include product giveaways with special pricing for featured & related products.

live shows

Live in-store performances are captured and then streamed to each of our network locations.

Sponsors attach their brand to the performing artists and reach media consumers across the US. Performances are shared on stores’ and consumers’ social media presences.


Ad copy consists of video or still images. Ads run for 15-30 seconds. Ads display twelve times per hour on random loops. That means a typical customer shopping for half an hour is exposed to each ad six times during the course of their shopping visit.

The longer customers spend in-store, according to Ipsos, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Media stores typically report some of the longest customer dwell times in retail.

Attracting eyes to the screen is an essential core competence. We run attractive ads and insert eye catching filler; and ads run randomly each segment to retain the element of surprise. Ads are designed to be viewed 5-20 feet away. All in the service of keeping consumers engaged.

Graphic arts and video editing are done in-house. We emphasize aesthetics. We lean toward culturally resonant themes and subtlety in brand ads. We want consumers to recall what they’ve seen and feel good while watching it. Beauty, emotion, and message.. all can be delivered with remarkable potency in 15-second servings.

ad displays + mobile buttons

Each display ad displayed on the screens shows up as a mirror-image button on the consumer’s mobile device inside the xprncmedia web app. These buttons link to advertisers’ preferred websites. For album and movie ads, xprncmedia also streams audio & video and discovers a trove of relevant data.

xprnc sample reel

The video below showcases ads Xprnc Media has run on its network over the last 18 months, and a bit of creative visualization. The reel is just under 15 minutes in length.


Consumers visit their indie stores to find out what’s new in the bins, what’s being featured on the screens, encounter new sights and sounds, and spend money on the media they love.

Xprnc Media’s first campaign, Rise Above, is a unique marketing program for indie labels, up-and-coming artists, and established acts; providing a low cost and effective way to directly reach committed fans and staff tastemakers.

Campaigns reach consumers in-store at top indie retailers across the U.S. The program includes ads running on a 55-inch HD screen, instant mobile engagement through a mobile listening station showcasing the albums & artists, and providing release information, streaming media. and links to sites and social media.

For additional information contact:

Michael Fitts
President / CEO
Xprnc Media, LLC