Xprnc Media engages consumers while they are browsing, listening, discovering, socializing and
purchasing their next entertainment experience at top media retailer locations across the US.

Xprnc Media is a digital communication platform engaging consumers in-store with digital signage and mobile content. The platform is used to run client advertisements nationally and by local operators to promote their products & services to their consumers. We help our clients create and deploy campaigns to reach these vital consumers. Enthusiastic, loyal and prepared to spend, they continuously consume media and all its inter-related products including; smart devices, computers, games, sports, fashion, beverages, food, broadband, cellular, movies, concerts and anything associated with their consumption and experience of media.

These media retailers have flourished by purposely transforming their stores into vibrant entertainment culture centers and destinations where media fans interact in-person with other fans, artists and a knowledgeable staff of taste makers steeped in current media trends. Through the addition of related media products, artists’ signings and in-store performances, these media retailers are providing their local consumers the best interactive media experience.


3050 E. 43rd Avenue, Denver 80216 CO